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This is Halloween!

Thank goodness Christmas is just around the corner because my lovely in-house model/assistant/Halloween obsessive Jim spent this year's spooky season at home with chicken pox. He spent Halloween night handing out sweets to other trick-or-treaters and passing constructive criticism on their costumes (I'm sure they loved that! Jim, the Simon Cowell of Halloween!).

So to compensate we flexed our Photoshop skills, channeling the Poltergeist poster:

And tried our hand at rendering this short horror story to life:

'"As he tucked his son into bed, the little boy said, 'Daddy, there's a monster under my bed.'

Chuckling, Daddy plays along and proceeds to theatrically check under the bed. He kneels down and sees his son staring back at him.

'Daddy... There's a monster on my bed.'"

Not the best quality but we had fun making it and Jim helped with the editing.

Hope you and yours had an appropriately spooky Halloween!

#Halloween #familyphotography #poltergeist #Fun #Kidsphotography #spooky #story #reenactment

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