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New Year's Resolutions

Happy new year! Okay, I'm 15 days late, but still. The sentiment still stands. 2017 was a fantastic year business wise, thank you so much to all my clients from last year helping me turn my dream into a reality. It also meant so much to me to get the nod of approval for Best New Business not just from the Connaught Telegraph's Mayo Beauty Awards but from Ireland's Best Young Entrepeneur too. IBYE is a fantastic competition, by the way, I highly recommend anyone in business (whether at the idea stage or with an existing business) enter because the support and advice you get even if you don't win is just invaluable.

Last year, especially the second half, has been all about business development for Mary Coen Photography. It's a fascinating area and I was shocked that I enjoy that side of self employment so much (special mention to every business teacher I ever had who would be as shocked as I am).

However, one thing I think every self employed photographer can agree on is that your business can feel like spinning plates, there are so many areas you need to stay on top of before you get to make a living taking photos! In my experience these areas can be broken down in their broadest form to the business side versus the creative side. I feel I definitely have not stretched my creative side as much as I could last year.

So my New Year's resolution is to shoot more for the creative side. 2018 is going to be a year of more art, more fun photos, more drawing, more painting, more mess on my desk! I look forward to meeting new clients and collaborators this year too. To celebrate here are some photos of Samantha being my first model/victim of my arty 2018! She was great! Friends who don't just understand your daft texts but are game for them are the best!

If you are interested in collaborating please don't be shy! I always love meeting new people and seeing what we can brew up together.

Here's to an artful new year!

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