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Ciara's Danceblast 2018

Once upon a time, a million years ago, my grandfather described a professional as 'someone in a suit who comes from far away.' He was joking, of course, but if ever a sentence summarised our attitude to skill on our own doorstep that was it! I fall victim to it myself every so often and then something like Ciara's Danceblast's annual performance rolls around and I'm floored all over again.

The energy, talent and commitment of these dancers ranging from the preschoolers to leaving cert aged students is just phenomenal. I personally enjoy working with this group, they're all such lovely people, but I've never had to answer the question 'Oh, can you not touch the back of your head with your feet?' from so many ten year olds during one event. No, no I can't, girls. You just heard me grunt trying to stand up, no I can't do the splits.

This was Ciara Ginty's second showcase of her dance troop's abilities and it was another showstopper. Last year was a musical production (Tracey's Fame), this year was pure dance with a sprinkling of jaw dropping musical performance thrown in.

Audioworks provided the light and PA for the night creating a high octane ambiance that all added up to a photographer's dream! The visuals were phenomenal. And I left with a deluded sense that I myself could dance (spoiler alert: No, I can't).

Ciara's Dancblast operates Mayo wide. For all inquiries contact Ciara on 086 846 3682

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