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Bealtaine Photoshoot

After a year of intense uncertainty and social distancing, it felt so good to get out and about shooting something creative with an old friend. Andrea Murray spent more time talking than shooting, truthfully. It was an incredible day at Pontoon, Co. Mayo and local jewellery designer, Nigel O'Reilly had very kindly allowed us to photograph some of his work.

It was May and the concept of Bealtaine was still fresh in my mind, between the time of evening and the gorse still in bloom, the atmosphere was quite literally, physically golden. Bealtaine (Bal-thanna) is one of the four fire festivals that happen throughout the Celtic calendar year, Bealtaine is the summer festival acknowledged on 1st May.

This editorial managed to make the cover of Selin Magazine, a Dutch based fashion and beauty publication which was the first of this type of submission for me. So all round it was a win, in my opinion, catch ups with friends, jewellery, summer and magazines! What more could you want?

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