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Recovering from Blog Neglect Part Deux

Any photographer will tell you the hardest part about the job is... maintaining an online presence. Okay, that's not true. There are plenty of challenges with photography, all fantastic learning curves rather than struggles. However nowadays we have more and more platforms to showcase our work and lemme tell ya, online presence management is completely and utterly a job in itself.

However, with lockdown in full effect and having baked and fretted myself both into obesity and malnourishment somehow simultaneously I have exhausted every other avenue of keeping myself busy so now 'The Blog' is getting my attention. I write under the assumption that no one reads this anyway which is a fantastic way to thwart writer's block, it's a kind of 'Dance like nobody's watching'.... And then realising at some later point that everyone can watch and feeling that cold trickle of sweat running between your shoulder blades.

So with an optimism that boarders on denial, without further adieu, enjoy more frequent blog updates....

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